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If you are unable to marry due to legal, religious or cultural reasons, or simply do not wish to marry, you are able to have a Commitment Ceremony. These ceremonies are for the individuals who require a unique, sensitive and special ceremony that reflects your commitment to each other and the start a lifetime union as a couple.

Together we will create a beautiful ceremony that you will never forget and more importantly you have complete say over. If you want a personal ceremony I can include your story. It is your unique story of how you met and how you feel about each other, which sets you apart from everyone else. You may want the ceremony to be unique, creative, or simple, it does not matter, as long as the ceremony truly reflects who you are, your day will be perfect. 

Poems and Readings:     
Poems and readings are a very important part of the ceremony. They should be a reflection of your love and feelings for each other. To help you with your selection, I loan you a coapy of the book "Ceremonies and Celebrations" which includes an extensive range of readings, poems for you to choose from. Upon request, I can supply further resource material for your research.     

The Vows: (Your promises to each other)
Your vows are personal and unique to you, they should represent what you promise to each other for your life together. I do encourage you to write your own vows. If you find this task to daunting you may select pre written vows or ask for my help. You will find a large selection of vows that can be easily adapted to suit your ceremony in the book "Ceremonies and Celebrations".

click here to see a sample Commitment Ceremony.

After the declaration of your permanent relationship with each other, you will be presented with a signed Certificate of Commitment printed with laser calligraphy for you to keep.  

You have made a wonderful decision to renew your vows to each other. These ceremonies symbolise an on going commitment to each other as well as a pledge of your love. They also give you the opportunity to say thank you to each other for the dedication, love and friendship that you have shared throughout your married life.

Your ceremony should be arranged the same way as a marriage ceremony except that the introductions should be unique and express your true feelings to each other and your view on your married life together. It may involve your children, family and friends, who throughout the years have been a witness to your love and friendship or alternatively, by just you, the husband and wife.

click here to view a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.  

There are no legal requirements for the Renewal of Vows, therefore if I am available, the ceremony can take place at short notice.

After the renewal of your vows to each other, you will be presented with a signed Reaffirmation Certficate printed with laser calligraphy for you to keep.